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J. Vilaseca is committed to Total Quality, which means that we are committed to social responsibility, respect and conservation of the environment, minimizing the impact of industrial activity on all levels and investing in clean technologies.

We work on a daily basis to improve our management system and to guarantee that our products and services meet the needs of the market we serve, endorsed by the ISO 9001:2015.

We have obtained the ISO 14001:2015 Certification which is a guaranty of our commitment to the environment. We own a sewage treatment plant with a 2500m3/day capacity and a cogeneration facility which produces energy for our own industrial processes.

In order to promote a proper management of the forest, that would be beneficial to society, we obtained the FSC® Certification (Forest Stewardship Council®), thus guaranteeing that our fibre strictly comes from controlled, responsible woods, with planned replanting of trees without any genetic modifications and a respect for Human Rights throughout the process.

We also obtained the PEFCTM Certification (Programme for Endorsement of Forest council), which seeks to maintain and develop forest resources and to contribute to the global cycles of carbon, while reevaluating the productive functions of woods and conserving and developing biological diversity.

While fulfilling our goal, we also obtained the German Blue Angel environmental label for 100% recycled paper where the use of whiteners, chlorine and optics are completely prohibited. We were also granted the EcoLabel, whose main goal is to minimize emissions into the atmosphere, reduce water contamination and promote an energy-saving policy.

To establish the maximum efficiency of energy management the certification ISO 50001:2011 is another evidence of the commitment to fight against climate change by establishing systems and processes to improve energy efficiency and a the high commitment in contributing to the reduction of greenhouse emissions.

J. Vilaseca is a respectful, socially committed, sustainable organisation, with a bright future.